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Nonwovens and PPE for Every Need

There are many requirements to be considered in the production of respirators. We think it is our duty as an experienced partner to relieve you of some of them. That's why we provide you with our high-quality nonwovens, which you can use to produce your own surgical or FFP2 masks.

There are many reasons why PPE items such as FFP masks, protective suits or safety glasses should or must be worn in certain places. Protection against viruses and bacteria is one, harmful substances in the form of particles, droplets and aerosols another. 

PP Spunbound

Our multicoloured spunbonded polypropylene nonwoven is suitable for the production of a wide range of protective articles in different compositions. For example, choose a nonwoven of 60 g/m2 for the middle layer and 30 g/m2 each for the outer layers. Alternatively, three identical layers with better breathability of 30 g/m2 or 40 g/m2 each are available. We will be happy to advise you on which spunbonded fabric is most suitable for your application!

Available in various grammages and compositions, e.g. antistatic or flame retardant. Individual cutting according to your requirements. Suitable for simple masks, medical masks, KN95 masks and N95 masks.

PES Fibre Nonwoven

Do you need a nonwoven that perfectly matches your production requirements? Let us know your specifications.

We can supply you with a white polyester fibre fleece that will perform well in your technical applications - whether you want it to be 2 or 200 mm thick, 17 g/m2 or 3.000 g/m2 in weight.

This is made possible by high-quality raw materials and precise production settings.

Suitable for surgical, FFP, FFP2 and FFP3 masks.

MM Meltblown

Our high-performance meltblown made of polypropylene meets high quality standards and is ideally suited for the production of certified protective masks. Its weight per unit area is between 20 g/m2 and 35 g/m2with a thickness of 0.43 to 0.48 mm. The special feature: the nonwoven is electrostatically charged. This means that even the smallest particles get caught in the filter nonwoven.

Available in various grammages and compositions. Individual cutting according to your requirements. Suitable for surgical, FFP, FFP2 and FFP3 masks.

tri komplex Nonwoven

Our new tri komplex technology enables a high wearing comfort of your masks due to advanced combinations of active substances. The particularly skin-friendly tri komplex non-woven fabric is perceived as extremely comfortable to wear. This is also confirmed by a voluntary user study in which 90% of wearers confirmed this. Among other things, tri komplex active ingredients strengthen the skin's barrier function, increase the efficiency of the immune system, care for the skin and counteract skin irritations and the proliferation of Propionibacterium Acnes.

Available in different grammages (20g/m², 30g/m², 40g/m², 60g/m²). Individual cutting according to your requirements. Geeignet für FFP1-, FFP2- und FFP3-Masken.

VIRU-fil Nonwoven

Viruses and bacteria use tiny protein compounds. In order to prevent them from travelling, e.g. to the inside of the body, we have developed a new type of non-woven fabric. This destroys the lipid layer of the viruses when they hit the medium and can thus take effect within a few seconds. Tested and proven by renowned laboratories. Direct action principle, without reaction time as with conventional agents.

Available in different grammages (20g/m², 30g/m², 50g/m², 60g/m²). Individual cutting according to your requirements. Geeignet für FFP1-, FFP2- und FFP3-Masken sowie Luftfilter.

safe-Air Butterfly Masks

Our high-quality safe-Air respiratory protection masks in the classic butterfly design from German production serve to protect yourself and others from particles, droplets and aerosols.

We offer our safe-Air butterfly masks in white (21V2), black (21V3), with skin-caring tri komplex (21V4) or with virucidal VIRU-fil (21V5).

safe-Air Duck Masks

Our safe-Air respirators with duck design prevent protective breathing due to its low breathing resistance, which is why these masks are also well suited for older people.

These safe-Air models are available as a classic white FFP2 mask (31V2), a white version with FFP3 (31V3) and with skin-caring tri komplex (31V4).

safe-Air 3P Mask

Our safe-Air 21V2-T in 3P mask design ensures high filtration performance even in difficult situations thanks to its 4-layer system.

Headband and FFP2 approval provide even more safety and protection.

safe-Air SPM100

Our safe-Air SPM100 is the sustainable solution in the field of moulded masks.

The Envisafe sustainability concept allows worn filterpads to be regranulated to make new mask bodies. In addition, the mask body is made of biocompatible polypropylene (PP) and is reusable. Low leakage ensures extra safety thanks to the sealing lip silicone profile.

tri komplex

The inner layer of our 21V4 Butterfly and 31V4 Duck masks are made from our skin-caring nonwoven innovation tri komplex.

This special nonwoven fabric contains active ingredients that care for the skin on contact with the face and prevent skin irritation. Especially when worn for long periods, the tri komplex regenerates and smoothes the skin.


The outer layer of our safe-Air 21V5 consists of our virucidal innovation VIRU-fil.

This revolutionary nonwoven destroys the lipid layer of microorganisms such as viruses, bacteria and fungi with 99% effectiveness. This means that they can no longer infect the human host cell and are rendered harmless. This prevents smear infections.

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SafeComfort Model N

Our model N of the SafeComfort line is a disposable chemical protective suit certified according to PPE Cat. III, type 5 and 6 certified. Thanks to special truetec® technology, the suit absorbs four times its own weight in liquid.

This suit has a stand-up collar that keeps a cool head even in difficult situations.

SafeComfort Model H

Our model H is also a disposable chemical protective suit certified according to PPE Cat. III, type 5 and 6 certified. This suit also absorbs four times its own weight thanks to truetec® technology.

The hood and the cover flap covering the zip provide additional protection.

SafeComfort Model T

Our model T is a disposable chemical protective suit certified according to PPE Cat. III, type 4, 5 and 6. This means that it is also liquid-tight. Thanks to special truetec® technology, the suit absorbs four times its own weight.

The self-adhesive cover strip and the taped seams are a particular advantage of this model.

safe-Glass P1S1

Our model P1S1 of the safe-glass line is suitable both as ordinary safety glasses and as over-glasses for spectacle wearers.

The spectacles are made of shatterproof polycarbonate and can therefore also be used in ballistics. The side protection ensures an all-round safe feeling and the anti-fog coating ensures a clear view at all times.

safe-Glass P1S2

Our model P1S2 is also made of the shatterproof and durable material polycarbonate and has good side protection.

The anti-fog coating also prevents the glasses from fogging up due to e.g. breathing from a protective mask.

safe-Glass P1S4

Our P1S4 model is used in occupational safety, but also in the medical field and ballistics.

The side protection and the shatterproof polycarbonate material offer particularly high protection. The 100% UVA, UVB and UVC protection also guarantees the highest quality. This model is also equipped with an anti-fog coating.

safe-Cream Safety-Q1

Our Safety-Q1 is a skin-soothing pleather balm for sensitive skin and is especially suitable for the care of stressed facial skin caused by the daily wearing of respirators.

The formula with aloe vera and extracts of dragon's blood tree and great burdock soothes irritated skin and counteracts redness, heat build-up and micro-inflammation. The cream leaves no greasy shine and is quickly absorbed.

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